Three New Hobbies To Try This Month

I’m the first to put my hand up for a quiet night in, particularly on a school night. The idea of sinking into my couch, glass of wine and bowl of pasta in hand, is my version of heaven. Goodbye real world, hello stretchy pants and re-runs of Sex and the City.

By 8 pm, I’m shifting around restlessly with a belly full of carbs, too apathetic to move as yet another episode auto-plays. Somehow, the reality of doing nothing never feels quite as good.

If the monotony of the daily grind is getting you down, it could be time to shake up your schedule. With winter right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to try something new. So, here’s some food for thought.

Unleash your inner artist

I might have a way with words, but art certainly isn’t my forte. But, there’s only one way to sharpen your artistic skills. From ceramic-making date nights to jewellery making courses, there’s no shortage of short night classes out there to help kick start your creative career.

Grab a buddy or a sign up solo, these interactive courses are designed to get your hands dirty. Plus, chances are you’ll walk away with the fruits of your labour (did someone say hand-crafted ceramic mugs?). What have you got to lose?

Get physical

No, this won’t be anything like your dreaded Year 8 P.E. classes. Getting fit can be so much more than an overpriced gym membership surrounded by sweaty groaning men.

Challenge yourself to try a fitness class you’ve never braved before. Maybe this is the year you’ll finally make it to hot yoga, or give indoor rock climbing a crack. My current class list includes a beginners dance class with Groove Therapy, aerial yoga and maybe even a 7 day barre retreat to Bali (a girl can dream).

The best part? Find something you love and you might just forget you’re working out.

Explore the outdoors

If you knew me as a kid, you’d never guess I’d willingly agree to a 4 hour bush walk. I was almost allergic to the outdoors. But, my very persuasive and patient boyfriend has helped me realise the beauty of adventure (even if I occasionally have a meltdown mid-way through our hikes).

Next weekend, why not swap brunch for the bush and get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. I guarantee you’ll feel more energised by a stroll through the National Park, and who knows. You might find yourself craving those few hours out of reception every weekend.

Wondering where to find your nearest hiking trail? Click here to start exploring.